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Upholstery Cleaning East Kilbride

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before cleaning this red John Lewis 2 seat sofa was badly stained with various drink spills and water marks from attempts at home cleaning by the customer. East kilbride upholstery-cleaning-before-after

After our eco friendly cleaning the stains have all been removed and the watermarks are all gone. Our upholstery cleaning solutions are designed specially for use on delicate upholstery. This allows us to tackle a wide range of stains without risking damage to the upholstery fibres.


East Kilbride upholstery cleaning is suitable for the cleaning of all types of upholstery including those marked as dry clean only.

upholstery-cleaning-pricelistUpholstery cleaning prices begin at only £25 per seated unit.

Our pricing is based on the number of people the item can comfortably seat. You item may have 2 seat cushions but still be classed as a 2 seat item.

Our upholstery cleaning process explained.

  1. First we inspect your upholstery to identify the fabric type and construction.
  2. Any colour testing is carried out before cleaning.
  3. Before cleaning we protect your flooring with waterproof dust sheets and cotton towels.
  4. The cleaning process begins with a thorough vacuum using a selection of upholstery cleaning tools.
  5. Vacuuming removes all the dry soil, trapped dirt and loose dust mites.
  6. We then apply our eco friendly ‘natural’ cleaning solution.
  7. Cleaning solutions are applied using an upholstery cleaning hand mitt.
  8. Dwell time of 10 mins allows the cleaning solution to penetrate the dirt.
  9. Natural biocidal property of our cleaning solution is effective in the treatment of dust mites and mite eggs.
  10. Any remaining spots and stains are individually treated using upholstery stain removal treatments.
  11. Cleaning solution is rinsed through fabric, removing all dirt, stains and odours.
  12. Fabric is given final rinse with fresh water extraction.
  13. All cleaning residue is rinsed from fabric.
  14. Assisted drying begins using upholstery drying equipment
  15. Fabric protection can now be applied ( optional )
  16. Fabric deodoriser can now be applied ( optional )