Carpet Cleaning East Kilbride

How we clean your carpets

Carpet Cleaning East Kilbride uses the latest carpet cleaning equipment to clean your carpets.


Our hot water extraction system is powered by the Airflex storm. The world’s most powerful carpet cleaning extraction machine.


cropped-Carpet-Cleaning-East-Kilbride.pngWhat is a carpet cleaning extraction machine ?

The extraction machines main duty is to apply the cleaning solution to the fabric or carpet. The machine incorporates a high powered adjustable pressure pump which can deliver the cleaning solution at high pressures. The machine also contains 2 powerful vacuum motors which recover the cleaning solution and provide assisted drying to the carpet and upholstery.

Specialist hand tools are available for the machine depending on the cleaning task being undertaken.

The cleaning tools deliver the cleaning solution in a controlled spray pattern while recovering any overspray or excess moisture from the carpets and upholstery.

Our carpet cleaning process

  1. Before cleaning, we inspect your carpet for any stains or damage.
  2. We identify your carpet type from wool, wool blend or synthetic.
  3. The most suitable cleaning method is chosen based on carpet type and condition.
  4. Cleaning begins with a thorough pre vacuum of the areas being cleaned.
  5. Our eco friendly cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet.
  6. Cleaning solution is brushed in using our carpet renovator.
  7. Carpet stains are treated.
  8. Dirt is flushed away using our carpet cleaning extractor.
  9. Fresh water rinse ensures all cleaning residue is removed.
  10. Carpet is left clean and dry within 3 hours.
  11. Carpet protector application ( optional )
  12. Carpet deodoriser application ( optional )

Carpet Cleaning Questions and Answers 

Customers often get in touch with questions about the types of stains we can remove or they would like to know how long carpets take to dry after cleaning. We have answered the most common questions about our carpet cleaning services below.

  • How long do carpets take to dry ?

Carpets are typically dry within 3 hours. Some carpets such as saxony thick cut pile carpet may take slightly longer to dry. Our cleaning solutions are designed to aid in fast drying.

  • Can you remove nail polish from carpet ?

Yes, we can remove nail varnish stains from carpets. Our cleaning solvents allow us to break down the nail polish stain and remove it from the carpet

  • Can you remove coffee stains from carpet ?

Yes, we can remove coffee and tea stains from carpet. Our spot removal treatments are effective for the treatment of a number of different stains caused by hot and cold drinks.

  • I have spilled wine on my carpet, can you remove wine stains ?

Yes, we have a selection of spot and stain removal treatments designed for the safe treatment of wine stains on carpet and upholstery.