Carpet Cleaning East Kilbride

Carpet types we clean

Carpet Cleaning East Kilbride can clean all types of carpets. 

The most common carpets we clean are listed below.

Cut pile fiber ends are cut evenly. Carpet cleaning proves effective at removing dirt and restoring carpet pile where it has been flattened in the traffic areas.  There are several types of cut pile:

  • SaxonyCarpet is a popular carpet of dense, level-cut pile clipped to about 1/2 inch high. Cleaning is effective and stain treatments prove successful on most saxony carpet
  • Textured Carpet isn’t as densely tufted as saxony, but also has a very soft feel. Cleaning will lift the pile and restore the plush feeling of the carpet.
  • Frieze carpets have a short, durable, twisted pile fiber well-suited for busy areas. Normally used in high traffic areas. Well suited to regular wet cleaning

  • Loop pile yarns are looped and fastened to the backing. These are very durable carpets and usually a good choice for high-traffic areas. Stain treatments can be difficult due to the fact the stain can be trapped in the core of the fibre.


  • There are two types of loop pile carpeting:
  • Berber features large, uncut loops of natural-tone fibers varying in size and usually made from wool, nylon or olefin. It’s denser than most other carpets and highly stain resistant. This is not a good choice for homes with pets, though, as their claws can snag on the fibers.
  • Level loop contains tufted, uncut loops of equal height, resulting in a very smooth surface. It’s durable, easy to maintain and a great carpet for high-traffic areas and informal rooms. Level loop, however, is known to be harder and stiffer than the other carpet options.

Cut and Loop or Pattern offers a combination of the above, allowing more options of textures and patterns.