Carpet Cleaning East Kilbride

Our eco friendly carpet cleaning solution cleans and protects your carpet

Diagram showing how our encapsualtion carpet cleaning solution protects your carpet

Carpet stay clean for longer with the protection provided by our eco friendly carpet cleaning solution.

Old carpet cleaning methods left a sticky residue on the carpets from the detergents used in the cleaning solution. New nano technology has provided a new way to clean carpets. Carpet Cleaning East Kilbride was the first company to adopt the new cleaning solutions. We have been sourcing new environmentally friendly solutions for our cleaning services since I began the company back in 2009. The benefits to the planet, our customers and our staff are incredible. The new cleaning solution we have committed to using cleans better than anything we have used before. All the ingredients are sourced from plant based origins.

Safer for pets, Children and the environment.

The cleaning chemicals used by other carpet cleaning companies can be extremely hazardous to the health of  anyone in the vicinity of the cleaning while it is taking place and afterwards while the residue remains on the carpet.

Important health information

Breath easy with eco friendly carpet cleaning

Eco friendly carpet cleaning products do not give off any fumes. This means anyone suffering from breathing conditions, or sensitive skin does not need to worry about the carpet cleaning irritating them. A welcome relief for hayfever sufferers, asthmatics and more.


How does it work ?

Our cleaning solution is formulated using a unique blend of polymers, penetrants, builders, dispersant’s and anti-foam agents.

The product penetrates into soil deposits bound on to fibres by oil, grease, tacky residues from spills or detergents in used in previous cleans, then breaks them up into small particles.

Our eco friendly cleaning solution contains a unique wetting agent which helps penetrate the fibres, these molecules attach the the soil and not the fibres making it very easy to rinse clear. Soil and residues are both locked in, the water content is then free to evaporate quickly because there are no detergent residue’s trying to hold onto the water molecules.

Benefits include accelerated drying with reduced risk of browning issues. The protective polymer, which helps prevent re-adhesion of soil to fibres during normal service also eases release of this dry, encapsulated soil .

The overall result is a cleaner carpet, much improved resistance to wet and dry resoiling, enhanced dry soil pick-up during subsequent vacuuming and easier cleaning in the future.

Product benefits:


  1. > More thorough cleaning power than traditional cleaning.
  2. Safe non – toxic formula
  3. > No tacky residues to produce rapid re-soiling.
  4. > Neutral formulation – no fibre damage, no fabric browning
  5. > Reduced wick back and browning due to continuing encapsulation effect.
  6. > Shortened drying times over conventional products.
  7. > Enhanced dry soil pick-up.
  8. > Stain resistance to all dry soiling
  9. > Improved soil release during subsequent cleans.
  10. > Biodegradable formulation, safe for the environment.

How much does it cost ?

Eco friendly carpet cleaning is not much more expensive than the old toxic way of doing things. Prices start at just £3 per meter for our traffic area only clean.